VM (18/06/1974 / chennai)

The Harlot

Mid Uzi shots from vacant lots, which strike and ricochet
A painted girl with flaxen curl (named Wendy) 's on her way
To tantalize with half-clad thighs, to trick again today;
And indiscreet along the street she gives her pride away
To any guy who's passing by with cash and time to pay.

In concert halls, beyond the sprawls 'round shabby cabarets,
unjaded thoughts of Camelot imbue divine ballets.

by Terry O'Leary

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Comments (2)

Hearing the cries of lonely souls! Who need my help. Nice piece of work.
Posing with faith to renew the love To let go or set free the heart To fall in love with no regrets so thought provoking a poem dear poetess. thank you very much. tony