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I Stand At Your Side.
ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

I Stand At Your Side.

I stand near you every day.
I was with you yestuarday and I'll be here tomorrow too.
I know you think suicide is the end,
But it's not belive me it's not.

I walk with you everyday And I wish you would'nt cry.
I saw you at my grave to day it's nice and tidy.
I see you lay the flowers for me.
How I wish I could tell you that I'm ok
I wish some how I could let you know I'm happy and free.

I see sat in the chair with my photo.
And I see your tears flow.
I see you with another night of crying.
I never wanted to cuase you this pain.

I whisper to you Mum I'm ok.
It seems you heard cos you looked up and smiled.
And every time I look in on you know I see your smile.
But I am allways at your side.

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