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I Stand For

I stand for the people who are hard done by life
For the homeless person and the battered wife
For the political prisoner and the refugee
I am what i think that is all i can be

I pity the people who are down on their luck
In life between a rock and a hard place they seem to be stuck
Some people in life never can seem to win
Though to be unlucky is their greatest sin

Many sad to say do seem lacking in ruth
But having said that we live by our own truth
And what is true to you may not be so to me
Though none of us perfect would you not agree

I only quote here what the wise one did say
We learn a little from life every day
But the more we learn of life we realize so little of it we do know
And apart from each other in our thinking we do grow

I pity the people who are financially down
The homeless poor souls of the poor side of the town
Who only know of a life of the worst of poverty
But what they do need is far more than sympathy.

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