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I Stand Here
FN (So long ago as to render me an adult but not longh enough to be elderly. / in Richmond Yorkshire)

I Stand Here

Poem By Fox Nekitsune

I stand here upon this great precipice looking down into its depths
The cars below sounding like a river crashing into the rocky sides of this canyon
I close my eyes and remember all the things you said
‘I love you’ you used to utter under the sheets, so sweet it made me cry
‘My baby’ you used to whisper when I made you smile, so dear that no one else can fill that gap
Your baby, I am now and forever

But now you’re gone and all I have is the emptiness that you left
I remember you smiling at me and kissing me, I loved your kiss, it was the sweetest thing I ever tasted
The kiss of love it was to me, I can think of no other now without you
I am lost without that delicate touch, without that loving kiss
Without that ‘I love you’, that was so dear to me.

Your hand in mine I used to hold, and you would hold me here forever
You were my anchor, holding me here, and now your gone
Taken from me without so much as a please or thank you.
Death swept you away from me and now you stand on the other side waiting for me
And here I stand wanting only to be with you, Death can take me too.

This precipice before me the water running below, I listen to its sound and remember you
The beat of your heart now stolen from me, the warmth of your breath now cold and still
This chasm before me standing like a gate into oblivion.
‘I love you baby’
I take a step into that gateway and the wind rushing around me, the river getting closer
My eyes closed, I smile as I hear your voice.

And feel your warm embrace, the feeling of falling fades away and only you caress I can feel now
The beat of your heart, your warm breath on my neck
I open my eyes and there you stand, smiling like once you did.
‘I love you’ I whisper.
‘Now we are together again’ come your sweet words, caressing me as they used to.

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great love well describes.good job fox.