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I Stand Tall-Yet Again
WD (5th september 1985 / Kenya)

I Stand Tall-Yet Again

Poem By Wesongah David

From the gloom that you dumped me,
The unfathomable abyss I was thrust into,
I exonerate myself of ambiance, heavenly disguise.
Disgusted you were with my pride,
And you let the onus fall much heavier,
But I still stand tall.

Are you surprised to see me?
You thought the swagger was gone?
You forgot of the coming of seasons,
Like summer, in winter it looks far off,
But like the high tides, it comes to pass,
And so shall I stand tall again.

You expected me begging for a pittance,
Sunken eyes laboring for pity,
Ribs through my tattered shirt,
Ego battered and bruised by time,
And my conscience blurred,
Like a fogged out Mountain View!

You pushed me down the gutter,
Struck axes of words at my patience,
And thought it soluble to deface my manhood,
Lest some royal lass begot sassy offspring like me,
But in the very unfamiliar and harsh terrain you thrust me,
I still walk tall like I got a gold field down there in my body.

What history begot,
I stand tall still again.
The frightening violent sea that swelled on me,
To the shore I stand tall.
From a dreary night cold and noisy with silence,
Into a cheery day clear of worries,
I walk tall yet again.
I talk big yet again.
I smile huge yet again.
And laugh even louder yet again.
I stand tall, tall yet again.


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