' I Stand With Confidence '

Poem By Riquetta Elliott

People treat me like dirt with
Judged envy, but I stand
With confidence.
People called my beauty
Ugly of jealously, still I
Stand with confidence.
People whisper when I perform,
Still I stand with confidence.
A parent tell the truth of my
Physicals she makes I stand

Comments about ' I Stand With Confidence '

I love this end, the word Up, goes up! !
A good start with a nice poem, Riquetta. You may like to read my poem, Love And. Thank you.
Hey bae like I say time and time again u are unique, but in my eyes you are the greatest writer ever. love you sis
like Ivor I too say why should u not? your special
Why should you not? you are unique

3,3 out of 5
59 total ratings

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