I Stand

I stand grey, cold and alone.
Like a statue on Easter Island.
Watching endless waves roll by.
Waiting for your long return.

Now you have arrived by my side.
Realizing you should go away again.
I look into the stone faces around me.
Feeling strength, that I am not alone.

Once, salt air carried our love together.
Rain washed away all of our fears.
Midnight stars beckoned to be pointed at.
Sunrises came like a silent ghost.

But, true love will always last.
Timeless and not obscured.
You have come and you have gone.
Get up, get up. It is time I stand.

I stand fulfilled, solid and happy.
Like a statue on Easter Island.
Watching endless days roll by.
Waiting for another to come.

by Gulliver Gimble

Comments (3)

This is lovely, Steve, you hopeless romantic, you! Thanks for sharing your heart here.
Ditto Ernestine's comments. 'I Stand' is a good write, Steve. Congratulations. L
This is a lovely write Steve, I love the angle, using the Easter Island statues. A lovely subject very well crafted. Lovely read. Love Ernestine XXX