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I Stayed
BB (12/08/1982 / Pittsfield, Il)

I Stayed

Poem By Bridget Bush

You would get drunk and yell and scream,
never too nice and always so mean.
always so angry at the world I'd see,
although the anger was pointed at me..
I stayed

so many drugs in your bloodstream
too messed up to even scream
I believed your 'I love you' facad
so I treated you like a god...
I stayed

Then you quit all the illegal things
I fogot the side effects that brings
I was blinded by my love for you
even though your hatred was seeping through
I stayed

You'd drown yourself in vodka and beer
so your mind couldn't think clear
screaming more and picking fights
breaking appliances and smashing lights
I stayed

I woke up one morning to finally see
that you never truly loved me
I would have moved mountains for you
but that's my stupidity and now we're through
I left

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