I Stick To My Point Darling


i stick to my point my darling
love and lust go hand in hand together
one cannot exist without the other
one cannot just love and not lust
for love will always like to last with lust

for what is this deep silence without the
noise of fire
the tongues of the sun
the pelvis of the moon
the fingers of tickling tiny cinders of stars

to the heavens of course, we heave, we bend,
show me what is kept inside your skirt
show me those breasts that enclose the
true beatings of the heart

i will love you and i cannot help but lust with you.
for i am both air and leaf, river and rock,
for i am both bird and sky, i am both mortar and pestle,
i am both sun and moon
pond and pebble
snake and grass

let me hold you then with the gentleness of my soft hands
let my tongue lick every corner of your skin
let me love you and eat you and swallow you
for by then, you become truly a part of me

immersed, flowing, running all over my mouth and veins.
my throat, my lips, to my finger tips.

let me love you and let me have you. let no part be absent.
let the meeting and tasting be so sweet and enduring.

i love you, and it is not enough.
there is more to the bursting
of a star. it is endless, it is kind and brutal.
like this big bang of creation.
the pain of darkness
and the gentleness
of light.

silence cannot lose itself within the calmness of the waters.
deep inside, we partake, the lust of our beings.
we drink this cup, we die and live.

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