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I Still
CG (July 27,1982 / Ottawa, Ontario Canada)

I Still

I still see your silhouette on my pillow
I still see your blue eyes piercing into me
I stil hear your voice when I pick up the phone
I still count my steps like the days because
I believe, daydream you'll walk into my hallway

I still see you out of my periferial vision
I still make extra pancakes, just in case
I still cry over my bathtub filled of tears for you
I still invision my fingers touching your face
I strive to believe you'll walk into my living room

I still hear you turning your key
I still hear your rock music through invisible headphones
I still watch our favourite movie
I still sense your thoughts, even though I'm alone
I long to believe you'll walk into my bedroom

I still walk down our old pathway
I still smell your cologne linger in the bathroom
I still turn around when I hear your name
I still love you so deeply, I love you
I'm still waiting for you to walk into my office
I still wait, and I always will

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