I Still Feel You Close

The pain I feel inside sinks down on the bone.
When I read the short quote written on your head stone.
Your last breath of life has prematurely been sown,
When you passed from this life to the next zone.

Tenderly, I lay fresh cut flowers on your grave.
All through my body a chill runs down in a wave.
Softly praying to God, Please help me be brave.
To be with you once more is all that I crave.

You have peacefully been laid down to your final rest.
From a fantastic life that must have been blessed.
Somehow our great plans had become a bit messed.
When your life quickly ended at the height of its crest.

Though I now say good-bye to my very close friend.
Happy memories with you will never cease to end.
True feelings of loss, I never pretend.
So up with the angles these sad feeling I send.

As people of faith we believed God is real.
And since you've been gone, it's still what I feel.
All though it appears we'd gotten a bad deal,
I still feel you close, here now, as I kneel.

by Gary D. Rick

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