BL (18-07-1966 / Western Cape, Cape Town)

I Still Got The Blues For You........

Love is a road I travelled with you, I felt you by my side
It was nice to walk with you, the road was very wide
Things got changed, I dont know why, you pushed me from your heart
The push were stabs of hurtfulness, I didnt want to part

The blues I have for you are real, I feel them day by day
I wished that things were different and that by my side you'll stay
I cannot force my love on you, this empty space I feel
A space that once was filled with love, your love and it was real

I sing these blues of memories past, they were but yet a few
Of how we laughed and argued so, my love for you just grew
You crept inside my heart and made me feel I was the best
The best man who could love on earth, it's gone I lay to rest

These blues I have I hold them tight, it's all I have of you
They never seem to go away, each day like morning dew
I sing these blues inside my head, afraid to let it show
Afraid my love is not enough, perhaps it's best I go

I tried to shut you out you know, but something wasnt right
It seemed so wrong to shut the door and keep you out of sight
I kept on thinking what to do, to really walk away
The blues I sing for you today are really here to stay

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