I Still Have Hope

She enjoys dating younger men
But, not young enough for her to go to pen,
So, for her belief I must just cope;
But, I still have Hope.

A younger man I am not
So, for her company I have not been sought,
Younger men indeed desire older women
That is the curse of that sexual demon.
I have been told that I am not young enough for her
Even if spiritual and mentally I was the one she would prefer,
I am just not adolescent enough for her to date;
Too bad, I can't be her jail bait.

I thought then of a reverse circumstance
And maybe I thought, I would have a chance,
She once had said while being drunk and much bolder
That she too likes a man, who is much older.
She likes an older man who is retired
And one who is close too, but has not yet expired,
A man that she could take to a family barbecue;
Then later, to have him as a rendezvous.

I am indeed an older male
But, not older than her parents she did tell,
So, I will wish and sadly I will mope;
But, I still have Hope.

Randy L. McClave

by Randy McClave

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