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I Still Hear Her
MN (11-08-1970 / )

I Still Hear Her

Will I ever lose the feeling
of that lonely little girl?
Am I trying to forget her
or just cope within this world?

It’s so easy to ignore her
as I go about my day.
I never have to mention
all the things I hear her say.

Like, ''You know you’re just not good enough''
or ''You shouldn’t even try''.
I could pretend I never hear
her when she starts to cry.

It’s hard to move towards happiness
and leave her in the past.
She needs to see she’s made it
and this time it’s going to last.

I’m going to make her happy
and show her she can win.
I owe it to that little girl
that’s screaming from within.

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Comments (9)

Mary, I'd suspect that little girl is responsable for so much of your great poetry, so kudos to her. Great poem, very insightful. Brian
This is absolutely brilliant, how can we have a maximum of 10 per vote when this has just ran way past that line.Love Duncan
Mary, this is so touching! I hope that little girl finds complete happiness and can always avoid the pain of the past!
mary you deserve 20...deeply understood...
Excellent Mary. Written with that extra bit of 'fog' tomake the reader wonder about whose identity this is. This inspires me, watch for one to follow. Best H
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