I Still Love You

I walk towards the fire and sing
Of summers gone and distant spring
Of lands of gold and places new.
I still love you.

When cold winds blow the driving snow
I won't let go, I won't get low,
I know that when this winters through
I'll be with you.

My life is gone, my years passed by
My aching heart and dimming eye
Remember days and hours I knew
When I held you.

I close the book, put out the light
And disappear into the night
But still remain as lovers do
A part of you.

And though my mind is lost in sleep
Despite the black, eternal deep
I will forever be the one who's
There with you.

So when the all become the one
And planets fall toward the sun
The greatness of a life anew
Begins with you.

Beyond the veil, across the sea
Through deepest dark serenity,
I shall remain forever true.
I still love you.

by Andy Wood

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Comments (4)

wow...very sad...hope one day she will be back and you both share this pure love forever and ever.....10 Hataw
I didn't do a full examination of this poem because I just don't take tat much time on any poem to do that. But I did enough on this one to see that it is damn near perfect. I gave it a 9. A well deserved nine. Oh, by the way, it was a real pleasure to read. GW62
A beautiful poem and a perfect verse construction. I like this very much!
Memories of past love can be so strong, your poem eloquently captures this.