I Still Love You

Why does love always end in pain?
Why does it break our hearts?
Why in love there’s always something to lose but nothing to gain?
Why do I still can’t overcome the fact that we had to part?

My heart is shattered, my dreams in shreds,
This life is a misery, a stark distress.
Let’s start again from A and never reach Z,
I expect no more and I want no less.

But too much hope, and too much faith,
Never was good nor it is today.
I know you will never come back, don’t waste your breath,
Just let me keep my sorrow at bay.

Look at you, all happy and content.
And here I am, broken and blue.
Because I can never forget that face, I won’t, I can’t.
Just know, remember, that I still love you.

by Kartike Chadha

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I like it
A common theme in poetry. Thanks for sharing and Peace