JB (07/01/89 / bellefonte pennsylivania united states)

I Still Miss You

it was a mutual agreement to leave the other in a heartful misery upon
each good bye and the crossing of lives to pass again in sometime
to see the mistake again

through we each made two mistakes this time and only the first we
both see as that agreement through which we both still morn

and still today we both moarn that night when we both agreed to say
good bye through all the distance between two heats we could not
bare to be in the absence of each other

but still i moarned your leaving even that i still do so today but then i
could not stop the tears from falling and even to this moment the
thought of your warmth, your heart beat your lips of such wonder but
most of all i miss you, your voice, your passion

the only way i can seem normal after losign you is these writing form
anyone i can say i love you and still do through may i not say it to you
i say it now with thoughts in order i love you now tommarrow and
even after this heart stops bleading

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