I Still Remember The Day We Met

I still remember the day we met
At that time for me you were the best
The days were those
Which I never had before

We use to talk everyday
And for me you use to stay
I use to enjoy every second we spend
And for me you were more than a friend

Then the things got changed
Only the arguments were remained
You said 'you are changed'
I said 'you are changed'

I neither wanted to hurt you
Nor wanted to lose you
I really got shattered with the talk we had
I said sorry and even cried

But nothing got solved
And it kept unsolved
I came to know that I just lost you
And you said I sometimes do bother you

I just wish and pray to have you back
And I will wait for the words 'I am back'
My days and nights are really restless
And only remains tears and tears.....

by mus da pro

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That happens to be the case with many!