Sleepless Nights

Sleepless nights belong to me
As if that’s all there is to be
My nights seem oh so long
Thoughts buzzing round my head
As lying here in my bed

Tried praying off to sleep
But thoughts seem hard to keep
Mind strays from this to that
A thought brings forth a tear
Sometimes bliss sometimes fear

Tossing turning while awake
Trying to sleep for goodness sake
Cant get settled any way
Trying hard no matter what
So unsettled seems my lot

So I lie here struggling still
Passing time my mind to fill
On things that matter not
Dwelling on the things now past
Until some sleep I feel at last

DLPengilly 16/12/2009

by Don Pengilly

Comments (4)

The pain of lost love may never fade.
No matter how painful the memory, it diminishes and heals with time. For the main time, take advantage of the pain and write verses. Just look at this poem, it's smashing!
i guess all men come down this way on your own, sorry
As long as you have him in your mind, you are still in love. Great write.