I Still Think Of You

Oh what thoughts do fill my mind
Your face displayed and locked in time
I hear your voice inside my heart
What went wrong… so long apart?

Throughout the years I’ve thought of you
Times we shared..what we went through
The memories flow in random paths
Your gentle touch… and how you laughed

So much time has come and gone
Still your presence… lingers on
What if time could now be changed?
What would life be… re-arranged?

Nothing ever stays the same
Can’t go back and love re- claim
I hope your life was good to you
We had our moment… yes its true

by Jon Arno

Comments (2)

Certain things happen so shockingly and suddenly without a passage of time.Friend, you have beautifully pictured the reality of life. Thanks. Rekhamandagere
Great Sentiments.The emotions and tone are superb! Thanks for sharingit. Rekhamandagere. Marks 10