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I Struggle
AKT (8-3-68 / Memphis, Tn.)

I Struggle

Poem By Allen Keith Turner

I struggle through my life, absent of you
I struggle with the reasons, it's all that I do.
I struggle all the time, trying to reach out to you
Without your help my struggle's will continue.
I struggle with the thought, of never seeing you again
I struggle waiting for your love, for me, to begin.
I struggle through life, one child shy
I struggle with that alot, cause I don't know why.
I struggle with it all & you think I don't care
That's not at all true & it's really not fair.
If you knew my struggles, you wouldn't be so tough
& If you cared at all, you wouldn't let me struggle so much.
I will go on with my life struggling like I do,
I will keep on struggling, until I finally reach you!

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