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I Stumble

I stumble,
Tumble, down and down.

Into the shadows that dwell inside me,
I will let it all escape,
The darkness will win through and my life will be true.

You know that this darkness consumes you too.
You must all stumble,
Suffer the grief.
As you feel it grow you think:
Why must I feel this way?

It’s because of you,
Your influence I curse,
Confine it and shackle it down and gaze upon it in shame.

I disclaim you,
My eyes begin to cry and as all feelings die,
You cry too,
But no sound comes out.

You struggle to forgive but the vengeance is better,
Mar them and still return for more.

You’re so poor in your little shell,
Oh everything is swell!
But not for long.

It’s getting near,
The shadows are setting in.

You all will stumble too.

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