I Summoned My Love

While returning
from American Library
on foot, on footpath
of Chowranghee

by ramesh rai Click to read full poem

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A great show of personal compassion in a very thought provoking poem. Some moments leave a lasting impression on us. Excellent poem. Thank you for sharing.
We are blessed to experience such things at time in our lives that we are in need of them. To see old people deep in the infirmities of old age, hobbling, half-blind, bodies deteriorating about them, but they still love and they love with purity, with selflessness- gives all of us hope and a generous taste of what love is. Great poem and gracious words. .
The poem shows the true love an aged couple holds for their better half. How love flourishes with aging and how it tries to make use of every opportunity to shower their love upon their lifelong partner. even if they gotta beg they are ready to only to derive a little happiness as they move towards their ripe age where they haveno desires except to love each other more.
poor in money but rich in love give and it shall be given unto you a poem of love
I love the sentiment expressed in these words. I too come across those less fortunate begging in the streets....sometimes I donate, sometimes I don't - as guided by a spiritual nudge. One can't always help everybody - this is a lesson to be learned by all, donors and recipients alike. And yes, we are blessed when we help.
Very nicely penned. It is a poem of love and sympathy. I liked it. Thanks.
economically deprived are always generous and they like to share, but once they taste the great forbidden fruit of greediness, they will become too selfish as the former beggars of developed nations and developing had done and taught their offspring...actually we would not know how many of our ancestors or the ancestors of Queen of England were beggars...Thank you for sharing..
Nice description of feelings and observation. Very beautiful and excellent work shared on.
Hello poet friend Ramesh. I enjoyed your poem and the analogy you used. Loyd PS: Please check out my new book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, Pumpkinny Tales. Thanks for your support.
Touching poem! Indeed as Valsa dear said the beggars may be poor in terms of money yet rich in love, they taught us a great lesson of love. Thank you for sharing.
A great poem bearing great message of love and sharing.
Beautiful poem with a great message of sharing. Those beggars are poor only in terms of money but they are kind hearted too. For sharing also one should have a heart. Beautiful presentation, each steps presented in sequence. Loved reading it. Thanks for sharing.
Two beggars whom you met on the road, though aged and invalid and absolutely poor are rich in one thing.......in LOVE, perhaps richer than most of us! The poem communicates the need for love and sharing in life! Enjoyed this lovely write!
The coin dropped in the pot is only a token of all the compassion and feeling that the poet felt from the heart. Beautiful narration. Thank you.
An experience of real love and commitment to the dependent that the poet noticed made into a poem which is a reality of normal human being always encounters in life situations on footpath, cinema halls, Railways stations and other public places. Such encounters and experiences when met by a literary talent normally makes into poems, short stories, and even novel themes which happens in the literary world. A beautiful poem of Rai and I liked it..
Those who care and think about the need of poor and love them they are the virtuous soul of heaven and those blithe think about the kink very touchy poem with full of pity Glory t o the Lord Almighty - peace be upon you and your family
As we live our lives everyday, we must always appreciate the fact that, it is a mere privilege that we are breathing fresh air, walking upright on our two legs and eating to our satisfaction. Others couldn't get these advantages we are enjoying, it doesn't make them less privileged nor less favored, but rather a responsibility on us to help them in the best way that we can. Nice poem with lots of passion.
A poem of sympathy for the poor beggars and worry that noting is being done for their welfare.
A very emotive poem with sympathy, love and emotion, all were found to be present in the path of detailing the poem.... very nice depicted in it
great poem filled with love and compassion....................