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I Suppose

I Suppose

She sees dead people

Sometimes in her dreams
Her father
[gone these many years
since childhood]
Her mother and mother-in-law

Chris Fletcher stopped by
sometime last night
she said
[We buried him years ago]

And she knows
there is a reason
for these unreasonable things

The cancer eats alive
the peace the painkillers bring

She wants to cry but can't
She curses the sky
and to the gods she rants

Take care of my son for me
she asks
begging this one boon
I know he's grown
and due to marry soon
take care of him

And his father please

She thinks she will miss
the coming spring

She wants her heart to thaw

We cannot think of anything
to lift her from this pall
which casts itself
upon the lives
of those she leaves behind

And then she laughs
until we do too

She says
It's just a frame of mind

So we buck up
and we laugh today
We've not found another way
to return the strength
she still knows
that even death wont kill
I suppose


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