I Surrender

Poem By Yogi Sally Ann Slight

I never give in to torture,
I never give in to pain,
I never give in to mortars,
nor in torrential rain.

The mud could be so high,
but Victory I can taste,
behind the enemy lines,
the Angels I have faced.

No floods will ever stop me,
No mountain seems too high,
No blizzard can ever slow me,
and now I know the why?

Well, it had to be a Para,
no Marine could ever do,
the sort of thing an Army needs,
in quick succession too!

No Pilot could fly high enough,
to reach the hand that saves,
No Artillery will have enough,
and can never hurt the Brave.

It had to be a Para,
'utrinque paratus',
He's ready now for anything,
I couldn't make a fuss.

It had to be a Para,
an 'ad unum omnes' fan,
for when all is to be Given,
none better than this man.

And as we ride together,
upon the Valkyries,
the Brave will ride as pillion,
with the hand, His Valiant sees.

I thank you Lord for Para's,
I sing to the Lord above,
I pray that Para's are the safest,
of all the Services to Love.

...and if I'm wrong?
then I know, in God, I am Forgiven,
for You sent Me,
a Saviour who,
is found and never hidden! -)


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