I Surrender

Poem By Joey Den

I held this pain deep inside
No one Knows how I feel by that
When you try to fake a smile,
you stumble and fell so many times
Let you fear to look arround
How you can change yourself you ask
And when you feel like pretending again
You just smile as the Angel look from above
says: Why we just let her die
by that case, she will be more alive
look at her when she pretend those smiles
at the same time while she wanted to cry
says: No a voice answered up in the air
they all frozen up like a ice in one hand
They just bowed to the lord of the rage
but he also can pretend a smile
says: let her live one more time
as she will rememeber all those scars
nd someone will come to let her cheer up for a while
she will say thank you God
for letting me know all this pain
Because Me I like to look at her
doing all the same mistakes
but she stands up through this game
And in the end I always gave up on her,
let her be what she wants to be.

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