I Talk The Talk

I'm unorthodox, I'm paradox
& sometimes like to remain in-the-box.

I recite 'Slokes'
I make God's door knock.

I stay in peace and stay away from my folks
Fan of Lord Shiva & his dread-locks.

I go back in time I'm friends with clock
Sometimes I keep it hidden under Harry Potter's cloak.

I never mock but I still shock
I tell only jokes that make you laugh and make you croak.

Many a records I broke
I kill taboos & their strength solid like rock.

Mostly I play master-strokes
I hit the block & set the bedrock.

I make wrestle the 'Rock vs Brock'
Entertain the crowd & deduct the dock.

I need no Nuclear I've hilarious friends' stock
Who say, "problem hai to bta, nahi to denge usse thok! "

I take a flight I fly like hawk
I'm a non-polluting being I emit no smoke.

I wake-up from sleep & start my Jhonny walk
There my amigos join_our old-school flock.

by Abhishek Forgodsake

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