LM (March 10,1967 / Chicago, IL. USA)

I Talk With My Hands

Just because my voice doesn’t speak
don’t mean I don’t say a word.

I talk with my hand
when I want to be heard.

I speak fast for those who know me.
I slow down for the ones who stop
to hear me. I talk with my hand.

I have preached sermons
and I have told jokes
With my hand I have spoke.

Now, as for those who don’t
want to hear me no matter
what I say or do.

I’ll still talk with my hands
I’ll fold them and pray for you.

I talk with my hand

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I think one can express oneself very well with hands, I speak but I use my hands a lot. My Father-in-law says I have a French streak in me, because of this. I haven't actually, but I am slightly deaf and so hands emphasis things to me. Again a nice read. Love Ernestine XXX