I Thanked God For You

Poem By Zee Bebany

When I met you for the very first time on a bus,
The driver pushed the breaks and that gave such a jerk,
I was about to fall but you held on to me..
And I thanked god for you instantly.

Then we exchanged geetings with each other,
It was then I realised we belonged to the same Alma Mater.
I was very nervous since it was my first day,
But very excited since you would be my classmate.
And thats when I thanked God for you twice on the same day.

When I called you home on your birthday and prepared a candlelit dinner for 2..
The food I cooked was little funny and I knew you felt that too.
But all you told me that it was the most delicious food you've ever had.
The look in your eyes and the smile on your lips had already conveyed that,
And I had thanked god for a gift like that.

On that starry night, we walked holding each others hand,
And we took a stroll on cold sand..
You looked into my eyes and confessed your love for me,
I just smiled and kissed your cheek.
You then held me closer and we shared a moment so sweet,
The stars looked on as our lips meet,
Then I thanked god for that moment so deep.

Do you remember when we had gone to mountains for camping.
We had to cross a wooden bridge which was so shaky and had broken fencing,
I was scared at the first instance and stepped back,
But you held my hand and said that we can,
Asked me to close my eyes and follow your track.
When we crossed the bridge and I turned to look back...
To my horror that bridge just collapsed.
I clutched you tight and you held me tighter.
With tears rolling down my cheeks for a moment that I had dread,
I thanked god for the hand that I had held.

When you approached me with flowers and a ring in your hand,
Got down on one knee and professed all that you can,
I stood there smiling.
Half admiring...
Wondering if this could be true.
'Cos honey I've been thinking about this
Ever since the first time I met you

I know I just can't thank god enough for you

Comments about I Thanked God For You

I took a heavenly ride through one silence I knew the moment had arrived For killing the past and coming back to life -Pink Floyd Well Riquetta life is all about forgetting your past and moving on, it is difficult though but feels good once you have forgotten it. The good news is you've found a better someone so I'm sure he will keep you happy.Thanks for your wonderful comment :)
My ex said the appellation 'I Thanked God For You' if he wanted me then why he's being a damn playa but I'm not stressing because I'm with someone else right now anyways he doesn't live where I live. He lives in Savannah his name is Mike but I call him sweety. Your poem is really good keep it up.

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