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I, The Air
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I, The Air

Poem By Delwin Chowhan

I the air,
Life I give,
Breathe to live.

I the air, so silent so calm,
Play with leaves and trees
Am no harm.

I move along with my best friends,
Sometimes dust, sometimes sand
Across oceans, over lands.
Sometimes clapped between human hands.

I the air Help love grow
Deliver scent that your loved one knows

I the air was among first creation
An unknown source, an unseen attraction
You may be lost, in your thoughts
But I exist around your imagination.

I the air when lonely sing
Move through mountain, push the swing
In through windows and thresholds.
A sigh of relief I often bring.

I the air maintain balance
Am just air, am no substance
In royal weddings I am fragrance
I the air am no expense.

One thing that I often regret,
I the air don’t bring much smile,
Something that you will never forget,
Was when I dried that tear for a while?
I the air am your friend,
Will try to stay till the end.

When blend with black that I call smoke
I the air could possibly choke,
I am best when I am pure,
You live long and that’s for sure.

I the air move through fields
Besides hills and wind mills
I work from dusk till dawn
Life will repent if I am gone.

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