*** I Think I Am Just Like That***

Some think I am sad
Some think I am mad
Some think I am bad
Some think I am not so bad,

by Sumita Datta Click to read full poem

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wow....great and perfect.........
Hi Sumita, I read your poem 'I think I am just like that'. It is well written with a nice pattern. V.K.Kanniappan
Good to read. Thanks. I invite you to read my poems and comment. Yours Gajanan Mishra
Hi, Read this poem, as I wanted to read you. So good to read this first, an introductory, ha! Always be just like that but be in accordance to your mind and soul what they aspire. Just like that. Gautam :)
Y do u go for nursery rhyme? u write very well. But in this poem u have unnecessary concern for rhyming... Or I may be mistaken. Anyways, expecting deeper delve into truths... Poetry is not 100% expression, it is half revealed and half-concealed... okeeeeeeee?
....liked your approach....Be like that.....
Something I think you are frank. Something I think you are outspoken. Something I think you are too open minded. Something I think you are really great.
We carry a 'trinity' inside us...the one we think we are the one others think we are the one we really are...the truth is that this combination always remains unbalanced Good piece Sumita...intelligent thinking...10