I Think I Know You

I think I know you
well I think I do,
But some times
I don’t know what
to say to you.

I’m afraid I’ll push
You away, I’m afraid
I’m scaring you.
I’m afraid when I
Realise I really
don’t know you.

Yes, I know your name
Yes, I know your games
I know your hates and loves
Your aims and shames

But do I really know you?
Do you really know me?
Do you feel the same way as me?
Do you ask these questions like me?
Do you want to know what I feel?
Are you afraid of scaring me?
Do I know as much about you
As you do about me?

I think I know you
But do you know me?

by Danielle Candy

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Comments (4)

Danni, This too, is a wonderful write. It is a write of wanting to know all. What he feels, if he loves you, if he cares, does he get scared, does he think about you, what does he feel, what does he like or want? Questions, are good, but answers are so much better to get because then you know where you stand and you don't feel lost.....even though you know their name.
The more we know someone, perhaps the less it is we show someone in order to understand them. Shane
Terrific poem Danielle...ahhh yes that age old question...how well can we really know another person... Well done! Hugs, Dee
very nice, 'i think' this is an exceptional poem! ! HA! ! i made a funny, but seriously i really enjoyed reading it and if it helps i ask these kind of questions aswell, so it is nice to see someone in the same boat as me! ! Patrick xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx