BL (18-07-1966 / Western Cape, Cape Town)

I Think I'Ll Always Fail

I think I'll always fail
This game they call it love
I guess it's not for me
I get the wayward shove
I think it's not for me
No matter what I do
I always seem to fail
And see it through and through
I'll stand aside a watch
As others play the game
The one thing I am sure of
They cannot say my blame
It's hard for me at times
To give up on this game
All I really wanted
Is love without the pain
Just having someone special
To love me day by day
Is this too much to ask
Or should I walk away
I think I'll always fail
My hearts too soft I know
I give too much too soon
And lose it you should know

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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Well, well, the game is far complicated than it appears at the first glance, don't give up that easily, try to find the true meaning behind the surface. Love can go miles deep in oceans of emotions, it can rise beyond the limitless skies. With best wishes! May you succeed on personal planes as it can provide you the oppertunity to see the truth of Love.