JTA ( / US)

I Think I'Ll Know

I think I'll know when love is true
It will not only be what you say
But will echo in the things you do
and love will be felt through and through

And after love blossoms from what we've sown
we'll know a love in our hearts, we've never known
and all your touches will read like a poem
Like a dream romance to which our spirits have flown

And in the little things that we do
our actions will remind and say 'I love you'
and love will no longer make us blue
but will radiate a new emotion that is true

I'll think I'll know love to be true
the moment my eyes fall upon you
and feel the tenderness of your touch
I don't think I've longed for anything in life so much

And when our souls are down and hurting
We won't mind being each other's crutch
There will be nobody in the world
Who I could ever love so much

And if one of us is ever weary
our eyes grow sullen, sad or teary
the other will be strong and hold the other near
To tenderly care for to calm the other's fear

I've lived a life full of inner lonliness and loss
But that's not all I dream or feel inside
If love is found I will open wide
and love will flourish and not feel it has to hide

I think I'll know when love is found
that will be the day you'll be around
and then love's gently melody will surround
In love our heart's will be forever bound

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