TG (6-20-92 / Indiana)

I Think I Love You

Ever since we started talking,
I feel like I have one person that cares about me.
You tell me you love me,
But I wasn't sure if I loved you back.
I'm still not sure,
But I think I love you.

You're one of the seldom people,
To treat me like a human being.

You're there for me when I need you,
You're there for me when I don't.
But I like how you talk to me,
Even when there is nothing really to talk about.
I'm probably not going to tellyou this often,
But if I'm being serious,
Please take me seriously.
If I'm being stupid,
Then dont get offended with what I say.
If I tell you I love you,
Then just reply with a simple 'I love you too'

by Taylor Gilbert

Comments (2)

wow... that's how i felt when i first walked beside the person i loved... good work!
your love seems so sincere..........well written.