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I Think I'M In Love
VA (Feburary 14th / Dallas)

I Think I'M In Love

I think I'm in love,
that wonderful feeling, that lifts you up and takes you away.
But what shall I do?
What shall I say?
Should I confess my love and let him take my heart?

The man I love is still yet a boy.
But I love him so much, should I stay this way?
I feel my love for this boy day after day.
Never changing, never leaving.

I think I'm in love,
but I am undecided.
My heart and instincts have suddenly collided.
Should I give myself to him or
shall I wait?

If I wait I may never know if he felt the same way, too.
But if I tell him he just might tear me in two.
Either way what's done is done.
I will wait one more day.
I just hope one day isn't too long.

I think I'm in love.

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Comments (3)

great poem! the 'right' words and emotions are here.. short and to the point on the dilemma. Keep posting! HBH
Hi Valerie! I LOVE this! It's really really good! Tell me, is it just a hobby, or more than that? A 10 from me!
Well structured poem about an eternal dilemma