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I Think I'M Losing You
GTM (The Day I saw her / Her Heart)

I Think I'M Losing You

Poem By Golem To Mi dearest blur Witch

I think I’ve already lost you
I think you’re already gone
I think I’m finally scared now

You think I’m weak but I think you’re wrong
I think you’re already leaving
Feels like your hand is still on the door
I thought this place was my empire
But now I’m wrong and I can't be sure

I think you’re so mean, I think we should try
I think I would need you in my life
I think I’m just scared or I think too much

I know this is wrong it’s a problem I’m dealing

If you’re gone, maybe it’s time to go home
There’s an awful lot of breathing room
But I can hardly move
If you’re gone, baby you need to come home
Cause there’s a little bit of you
In everything of me

I bet you’re hard to get over
I bet the room just won’t shine
I bet my hands I can stay here
I bet I need you, more than you ever knows

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Hey I love this song too.......