I Think I Started..

Poem By Dislocated Heart

I kept my heart held up high.. I didnt let her come near by..
I pushed her away the minute I felt too safe..
So I had an easy escape..

Months of talking,
I didnt think I was falling..
today, I told her what I really felt..
scared and afraid of love and relationships..
she started baking out.
giving me my space..
then I realize, I've given a part of me to her..
when she hung up today..
a part of me missed her..

I thought I was doing so damn well.
Keeping my heart away,
but at the end I start to realize I fell.

Its not to late..
I can pick up the pieces..
before I lose my mind in loving another.

She's crazy bout me..
I know it..
Along those lines..
She got a hold of my heart..
way bak.. from the start.

I feeling like running.. I'm trusting my gut this time..
I'm not gonna risk another heartache over love.

Maybe I'll realize I am better without you...
the past.. and all the ppl.

But along those lines.. I think I've started to like you.....

Comments about I Think I Started..

if its right don't let it go
I felt the same way bout someone before... You already know bout that so...lol

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