I Think It's Going To Rain Today

I think it's going to rain today
With a flowing of a flow song
I feel as the drops are going to play
A song for my heart to long

There are fires of dust on the road
Many feelings that go around
Keeping ground to your worries and load
Something not in dreams to be found

Our love stories never-ending to die
Only a beat in its place
Something so worthy of low and its high
In its own wonder and grace

Days that begun as a night in dark
Then filling the air with their glow
New in their sky shining and a spark
Until it’s a time once more to go

I think it's going to rain today
Flowing away worries and heartache
Maybe tomorrow will be become okay
When you again to this fresh day awake

There are roads going round and around
With their curving in endless find
Something forever never to be found
Until you leave those forever behind

by Peter S. Quinn

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