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I Think Maybe
JL (March 19,1994 / California)

I Think Maybe

Poem By Jade Leven

I think maybe you're a man now
and I'm still just a kid
because I never would have done
what you did

I think maybe you're grown up now
searching for the truth
finding the kind of life
that's best for you

I think maybe I'm alone in this
hiding in the lies
finding the kind of life
pleasing to my eyes

I think maybe you don't approve of me
I can't see what is ahead
the way that you see it
what I see instead

is a mess of terrifying things
most of which I don't understand
because I'm just a kid
I think maybe you're a man

you were my best friend
now you are like the big brother I never had
you want me to grow up
all I want
is to have my best friend back
but I think maybe you wouldn't get that

I think maybe you believe
there's only a few good times to laugh
but I think we should always laugh
because we used to

I know you're older
you might even be wiser
but all I know is that
I think maybe I want my best friend back

I think maybe I want you back

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