I Think Of U....

Poem By deepanshi sabnani

every moment of d day,
i think of u,
in evry dream dat cumes my way,
i think of u...

i wish 2 hav u ol day in my arms,
hope 2 c u ol day long,
every wish starts n ends wid u,
i think of u...

i cry out wen i miss u,
i cheer up wen m around u,
i wanna spend my life wid u,
i think of u...

i want 2 treasure u 4 a lyf tym,
i'l steal u frm d world if need b,
i want u 2 b mine foreva,
i think of u...

each nyt in my dreams i meet u,
each second of my breathe i breathe u,
wid each beat of my heart i long 4 u,
i think of u...

every morning wen i pray i pray 4 u,
every wish dat i make i wish 4 u,
every tym i close my eyes,
i think of u...

every tear i dropp i sigh,
i wish i cud sit by ur side,
on ur shoulders i wud cry,
i think of u...

everytym wen i c u r low,
my heart skips a beat u knw,
i cud lie down just 2 show,
i think of u...

in each criss cross lines on my palm,
wid each passing second of d day,
wid each falling dropp of d rain,
i think of u...

n i think of u......

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Great words... they bring to me pain full memories but they are great words.

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