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I Think Of You
TB (11-7-63 / Texas)

I Think Of You

Poem By Terry Biscamp

As the rain falls outside my window,
A hundred songs play through my head,
And I think of you..
Of all the things we've said.

As I drift off to sleep,
It is you that is here.
My dreams are only good,
As you chase away the fear.

As I wake in the morning,
To find a beautiful day,
It is because of you...
I know everything will be okay.

With each beat of my heart,
Each breath that I take,
It is you that I feel,
In every move that I make.

I want to say I love you,
From the depths of my soul,
Nothing will ever change that,
My heart you control.

I think of you,
I hear our song.
I feel our love,
And I know where I belong.

You are everything..
Love is supposed to be.
Words are never enough,
To say just what you mean to me.

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Comments (5)

Lovely and very romantic.
this one reminds me of me &wilosn cause he is my world you know but i really like it
Hi Terry my wonderful poet friend, you still have the flair that you have had for ages, every poem that you write seems to be better than the last one, they always leave me beathless, wish that I could write just half as well as you do. hope everything is ok with you and yes I still have the same yahoo address, I am juust not there much.
Well written you are an exceptional poet! ! **Hugz** CC
And as long as words are never enough you will remain an excellent writer.