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I Think Of You Along My Walk
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I Think Of You Along My Walk

I think of you along my walk
Maha Rani, Neela Bou, my lady in red
I am ready to walk, just got up from my bed
I walk with joy, head high never look back
I am on constant walk, I carry sharing, caring in my sack
Walk to walk, walk to think, walk with integrity and love
Walk to explore, walk to see the light from above
Walk through dream to dream and goal to goal
Walk to sing, walk to dance, walk through my mind and soul
Life is a walk, alone I walk, lonely walk of life
Walk together till death do us apart as husband and wife
We are born, born to die
Walking towards death, it's the truth, not a lie
All it matters, how we walk in this life on Earth
1st walk is the best of all after Ma gave our birth
I walk through my mind each day
Start my walk with prayers, I must say
Walk is the essence of life a journey from Earth to Heaven
Walk with pride, you have to earn what you want, nothing is given
Grateful to have walked all these years, hope to walk on my last day
Lady, I love you, I think of you along my walk, along the way.

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