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I Think You Get Me.
GH Guarded Heart (5/15/90 / savannah, ga)

I Think You Get Me.

I've never known anyone quite like you
you seem to listen and take an interest
i can't think of the last guy who even knew
the color of me eyes, yet you do.

I think you get me.

Your firm embrace is sweet and friendly
your not so pushy, and over consuming
you keep a respectful distance, but i think i want you closer.

just maybe, you get me.

you see my createivity and notice what i'm capable of
your someone who sees the inner beauty, intead of trying to seduce me
i hope against hope your around me for me

maybe i'm wrong, but i think you get me.

i think you see inside me
and the outer beauty is just a perk
i'm thinking of how to make this work

do you get me?

you seem to understand without being told
but i can handle one more fall
im independent, willful and strong

I wonder if you get me.

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Comments (2)

Aww that was really good very well put. Lylyanna
Your repeated line is the one we all need to keep in mind! you have to get close up to get you. Learn to understand each other on an emotional, much deeper level than what's on the surface. It's hard being gorgeous init? lol 10 from grinning Tai