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I Thought

I thought you just left me by the fire
to see if i'll stay in love and burn
or run away with the sounding lyre
you made me think why love can't learn

I thought you just didn't at least care
that all of these things are my fantasy
and nothing made sense except my flare
that made this story longer and classy

I thought... because its all i can do
to think why im still loving you
although you have never loved me too
I thought its just me ending this true

But then I started to realize that
you did care for me-at least
and that my fate was an acrobat
that changes readily... at least

Then all of the cosmic powers conspire
to make me happy in the battle i fought
it was a turnaround of eventful pyre
Well at least i'm wrong of what i thought

by Greggi Leano

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This is an ABSOLUTELY wonderful wonderful poem! Keep on writing! Good luck.