I Thought.......

Poem By Rudy Hossam

I thought I meant something to you,
I know you meant everything to me,
But maybe I just wasn't that clear,
That I need you so very much with me.

I tried hard to show you everything in my heart,
I tried to open it for you really very wide,
And I gave you the keys to it.

I thought you'd enter inside,
Shut my heart and stay in there,
You did shut my heart but stood outside,
Turned your back to it and left,
And went to that girl,
Who was standing right next to me,
'cause she gave you that smile,
And you thought it meant she cared.

But the truth was that,
She drew that smile to every guy,
And most of them got tricked,
-Even you I can't believe it-,
NOW I shut my heart,
LOCKED IT with a new key,
And you are asking 'Can I enter? ',

Comments about I Thought.......

Again a lovely poem the ending was owesme
nice ending too many guys will always fall for that smile and tricked and than come crawling back but that didn't happen to you 10+++++++++++++++++++++
To many are willing to do you wrong in life, then when they get the done wrong, they want to come back to where they were done right. Good job. You really earned this ten.
you had me until the last stanza of this poem..
my sentiments exactly....

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