I Thought I Was Everything To Me

After I was first born
And I found myself
When I first learned to stand
And then shuffle to the left.
I got started walking
And learned my A B C's
I then went to school
It was like shooting the breeze.
I Thought I Was Everything To Me.

I got a little older
And when I'd get new clothes
I'd go strutting like a turkey
So everybody would know.
Then I learned how to drive
I even bought a new car
I would drive around town
Somebody said It must be a star.
I Thought I Was Everything To Me.

But I grew up in church
Reading God's Holy Word
And thinking things made someone
Was totally absurd.
I found who God really is
Walking daily by lessons of His Son
For the brightest Star that shines
Christ is the only One.
I Thought.. I Was Everything To Me.

God created everything
Without Him there would be no me
No love nor compassion
No hope for this world to see.
And the worst thing in life
I could have ever done
Was to overlook or deny my Savior
God's only Begotten Son.
Because I Thought I Was Everything To Me.

I've never made nothing
I don't own anything
There's nothing I've created
Not even the voice in the song I sing.
How can one get so confused
By just walking and looking around
Everything was already here
Even space and the tinest sound.
And I Thought I Was Everything To Me.

by Cecelia Weir

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