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I Thought That I Was Dreaming

I thought that I was dreaming,
In another time and place,
With no one there I recognised,
No old familiar face,

I thought that I was dreaming,
In a world so far away,
Unspoken words rang clearly,
It was neither night nor day,

I didn’t see a landscape,
Or a moon that shone so bright,
But I was in a special place,
A place of love and light,

I didn’t see an angel,
Or hear a heavenly choir,
No demons at the gates of hell,
Nor raging burning fire,

I saw a new born baby,
Blue eyes and flaxen hair,
Instinctively, I held him,
With tender loving care,

Yet still not recognising,
This child with skin so fair,
I closed my eyes, then opened,
I turned and saw him there,

My brother stood beside me,
Unspoken words were mine,
His gentle blue eyes smiling,
Telling me, that he was fine,

And in that place of love and light,
My brother stood sublime,
He said, “You must go back now,
For now, is not your time”.

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