I Thought You Knew

I laughed and played
A whole lot in school
But I never failed
To obey the rule.
I thought you knew.

I kinda ran the streets
I shopped each day.
But Sundays I went to church
To learn what the preacher would say.
I thought you knew.

I had great parents
I didn't listen always.
But I never talked back
They would have left me in a daze.
I thought you knew.

I hung with my friends
I visited my kin.
But I worked each day
I didn't think I had to say.
I thought you knew.

I ran with a group
Many thought we'd flew the coop
When we bought new cars
And managed to stay under a roof.
I thought you knew.

I've helped many others
All along the way.
Nothings wrong with their character
They had not lost their way.
I thought you knew.

Only from within your eyes
You see things so differently.
The dignity of others still exist
And without an opinion from you.
I thought you knew.

by Cecelia Weir

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