SJE (April 1st / Friday Harbor, WA)

I Thought You Said

I thought you loved me
You were so good to me
You understood me
You were the only one who said I love you
And I believed you
At first I thought you were just saying it to say it
Then I realized you did love me
Staying up in the middle of the night
Talking to me about anything and everything
Out of the blue saying 'I love you'
Telling me I had beautiful eyes
That my lips were beyond kissable
I was someone you didn't want to hurt
I know you didn't mean to hurt me
I just get hurt too easily
I thought I told you
I thought you knew I loved you
Even though we lived in complete different states
I still love you
My heart is acheing
And I can't stop it
Tears are falling down my cheeks
My eyes are sad
Why did you do that?
I thought you said I was beautiful,
And you never wanted to be without me?

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